Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing is a finance plan that allows you to lease equipment for your business without dealing with a traditional bank loan.  No matter what your industry is, the ability to purchase equipment whether it’s a new set of computers or a fleet of vehicles plays a great part in a company’s ability to grow.

Two major advantages of equipment financing are

  1. The life of the lease is directly tied to the useful life of the equipment.
  2. The entire cost of the lease is eligible to write off on your tax return.

When you buy equipment, you own it outright. That means you own all the risks of loss, damage, repair, depreciation and being out of date. Equipment financing with GMA Factor will allow you flexibility to upgrade and be current with technology without the risks of owning it outright.

Many companies use equipment financing as a way to help their business grow.  It allows them to bid on upcoming contracts even if their current equipment is out dated or if they do not have the necessary equipment to fulfill a new job.  If your equipment and tools are obsolete, equipment financing can be beneficial in helping you grow and to solve cash flow problems.  Equipment financing allows you to maintain a stable cash position even as you acquire new equipment.  It also allows you to build up lines of credit.

We understand the importance of relationships.  At GMA Factor providing great service is more than just a promise.  It’s the way we do business, every day, every client, and every transaction.  We evaluate funding opportunities worldwide; our Management Team has over 30 years of experience in the global finance arena.

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