International Factoring

GMA Factor is able to extend our services worldwide with International Factoring to over 50 countries around the world, including but not limited to:  USA, China, India, Australia, Asia, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, etc.  With having the support of central banks throughout the world and government bodies, you will not be exposed to some of the challenges of international commerce.

For a U.S. company, selling your goods internationally is financially rewarding.  GMA Factor can help your company become more competitive in the world markets with a combination of factoring and purchase order funding.

Benefits to Your Company

  • Accelerate cash flow by getting immediate payment for your invoices and sales. You will not have to wait up to 90 days to be paid.
  • Qualify for discounts from your suppliers by making full payments to them earlier.
  • Offer competitive terms in foreign markets to increase your sales.
  • Interest rates as low as 1%
  • Credit checks free of charge for your customers/clients
  • No long term contracts

Businesses that qualify for international factoring

  • Foreign Exporters – increase sales to U.S. Importers by using open credit terms.
  • U.S. Sales Agents and/or Subsidiaries of Foreign Exporters.
  • U.S. Exporters – use open credit terms to increase sales
  • Any U.S. company that sells to credit worthy international businesses/customers.
  • Any International company that sells to credit worthy international businesses or credit worthy U.S. companies

We understand the importance of relationships.  At GMA Factor providing great service is more than just a promise.  It’s the way we do business, every day, every client, and every transaction.  We evaluate funding opportunities worldwide; our Management Team has over 30 years of experience in the global finance arena.

Contact us to learn more, or fill out the short application to the right and a finance specialist will contact you  immediately.