Invoice Factoring For Janitorial Service Companies

Most commercial and government customers pay their invoices up to 75 days after being invoiced. While this is a common business practice it can cause cash flow problems for janitorial companies that are not well capitalized. Most janitorial companies have obligations that need to be paid sooner and they just can’t afford to wait that long for customers to pay. For example, payroll must be met on a weekly or biweekly basis. Also, supplies have to be bought on a regular basis. This cash flow situation can worsen if the company is growing as it runs the risk of running out of money to cover operational expenses. Invoice factoring is the perfect cash flow solution.

GMA Factor advances you up to 99% of the invoice amount immediately and doesn’t sign you on to any long-term contracts.  Get started immediately by filling out the quick application on the right-hand side of this page or go to our online or downloadable application.