Invoice Factoring For Printing Companies

A printing company learns quickly the ups and downs of working capital in the printing industry.  Cash flow problems have a serious impact when a company is faced with the cost of a very complex and expensive process.  Obtaining a traditional bank line is very difficult and can take a long time.  That reason alone makes accounts receivable funding an ideal solution.

Since the invoices act as collateral for the transaction it is important that your customers have good commercial credit. Qualifying for a factoring plan is relatively easy. The requirements, in addition to your customer having stellar commercial credit, are to have invoices free of liens, be clear of major tax issues and to run a reputable company.

When used correctly, accounts receivable funding is a vehicle for financial stability and growth. As a matter of fact, your factoring line is designed to increase as your sales grow, provided your company meets the factoring criteria.

GMA Factor advances you up to 99% of the invoice amount immediately and doesn’t sign you on to any long-term contracts.  Get started immediately by filling out the quick application on the right-hand side of this page or go to our online or downloadable application.